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Receipt of repairable item is recorded along with extensive data about the condition of the item, serial number and any special requirements.

Manages Flexible Work Flow "Routings"

Typical Routings are made up of one or more user definable Tasks that represent the work flow. Routings can be created from predefined templates or be unique to the Job. Routings can be created from multiple templates.

Parts Management

Requesting and Reserving parts (or Kits) can all be done from within the Evolve MRO application at the Task level.

Teardown Management

Facilitates teardown process by expediting the creation of teardown Work Orders. The user will work through a teardown bill of materials (BOM). For each item in the BOM, the user can specify "repair" or "replace from stock".

Task Management

Work is actually recorded at the Task level. Tasks are stat used as "pending", "open", "delayed", "cancelled" or "complete". "Delayed" tasks are assigned user definable "delay" codes. These codes indicate the reason for the delay -- back ordered parts, contracts, labor, tooling etc.

Work Order Instructions

Instructions can be held at the Work Order level or the Task level. These instructions are available on-line or printed out as Instruction Cards. The Imaging module can be used to hold instructions in Image format.